KBNY Culinary Enterprises
Now THAT'S Hot Sauce!

After growing a garden in our backyard in 2005, we had planted a few too many pepper plants. During the fall while picking all those beautiful peppers, Kendell was wondering what to do with them and Jordan happily chimed in “Let’s make hot sauce.” This is how our adventure started.

The first year we made about 40 bottles of our garlic lime sauce and everyone loved it. The following year, we once again grew chilies, but found ourselves reaching out to other sources for more. and we started to experiment with different flavors and blends. Over the next two years there was no shortage of crying and screaming as we chopped and tasted each batch. More then once we all forgot we had been working with chilies and rubbed our eyes. WAA!

Officially started in 2012 by 8-year-old Jordan, now 13, and his dad, Kendell, our Hot-cha WAA-cha idea is taking off! Kendell is the actual recipe development and production. He has been in the culinary industry for more than 27 years as a chef-instructor and entrepreneur and clearly has a passion for food.

Jordan attends every meeting and facility inspection. He has met the vendors and suppliers and helped develop the business plan to move us forward. Jordan is also the batch taste-tester. At one point taste-tester didn’t seem like a great role—Kendell woke Jordan at an early 4am to give his input. Needless to say Jordan and momma were not as excited as dad; however, the sheer excitement on Jordan’s face spoke volumes!

Jordan is driven to learn about the hot sauce business and what makes us different. It is in those moments that I look him in the eyes, grab his little face and say, “We have flavor, heat and you!”

Jordan also loves sports, music, school and video games; but enjoys hot sauce and being the poster child selling at the festivals and markets when school is not in session.

J+K Brenner Sauce + Spice Company is proud to offer the highest quality product to our customers. We use our spice blends on almost every dish we make—grilling in the backyard or making pasta on the stove top. Our spices and sauces are a great addition to eggs, fish, chicken, steaks, salads and many other foods.

We hope you love our products as much as we do, and we are eager to find new recipes that use our products, so please share your ideas and comments with us.

From our family to yours,
Thank you for your support!

Jordan, Kendell, Ashley and Kaili Brenner